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NAS recovery

Rise of NAS

In recent years, Network Attached Storage became more and more popular. Such a phenomenon is easily explained - at home such devices help replace shelves with CDs and in small business they can be a replacement for the server managed by an administrator. Moreover, storage device vendors (QNAP, Synology, NETGEAR, and so on) offer various configurations for all occasions, excluding industrial applications.

Downside of simplicity

As a rule, NAS devices can be easily installed and also they do not require maintenance. That's why NASes are often chosen instead of DIY or ready-made entry level servers.

On the other hand, all the simplicity in installing and operating leads to the following - should the NAS fail, then most likely there will be no one nearby who could repair it.

However, despite the apparent complexity, there are several tricks you can try to recover NAS without undue risk, either mostly manually or mostly automatically (with software).